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 Erika Roth’s family pulled this fourth grade work of hers from their archives, had it edited and published by GFB. These poems have proven insightful far beyond the wisdom of someone of Erika’s then-age, yet are accessible to children of those early school grades. We believe grade school kids of all age will enjoy these poems immensely.

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Gridley Fires Books is proud to announce that our first poetry book, THE ONE! An epic poem blending romantic LOVE and the LOVE that comes with the fruition of the spiritual journey. One reviewer’s comment:  “The One is hauntingly, tantalizingly familiar; at once ancient and newly born. A voice moves through the written words whispering “remember….”, and I do.”

SPECIAL!! Those who buy copies of THE ONE on this website will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE a copy of Mustin’s seminal poetic work, THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT.

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IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER – LOVE, FAILING LIMBS AND CANCER – – Mustin’s own story of his two-decade marriage in middle age to wife Rebecca, and their coming to grips with her fatal cancer. Including five chapters about the details of cancer treatment and caregiving, this is a book everyone who has lost a loved one to cancer should read!

In This Love Together_ebook (1)

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THE THIRD REICH’S LAST EAGLE – The story of Hans Ulrich Rudel, the most highly decorated combatant of WWII. A Stuka pilot considered so dangerous by the Soviet Union that Stalin himself put a bounty on him. His story is written here within a sometimes true, sometimes fictional accounting of the war on the Eastern Front. Only where history hasn’t left a record of events has Mustin filled in with fiction but with historical accuracy gaps in this terrible but heroic story. Published by Omonomany Publishing.



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The stories in this collection examine the ways we use imagination to set aside human anguish and move on with our lives. Quirky, richly imagined characters populate these stories, inviting readers to measure them against their own lives and to want to read these stories again and again. Published by AM Ink Publishing.

Collateral Damage NEW Cover copy 2

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8702987_orig2090 A.D. — The America nation has collapsed, and its remnants have been at war for a half-century.

Samuel II, mayor of Citadel, a Blue Ridge Mountain enclave, is determined to end the city’s wars with devolved tribal society, Freedomland. He sends troubled but insightful city archivist Jakob History to a bartering meet-up, hoping an interview with tribal leader Abraham Trapper might help further peaceful relations. Instead, the encounter leads Jakob to reexamine America’s past, to a danger-filled glimpse of Abraham’s tribal life, and to a final, fateful encounter with Abraham, these revealing human strengths and weaknesses that are at the basis of civilization itself.




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And read Kirkus Review’s exciting commentary on WE ARE STRONG, BUT WE ARE FRAGILE here!

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Sam’5881411s Place is a collection of interwoven short stories that revolve around a local watering hole in the fictional Alabama town of Striven. Pull up a chair and get to know the locals in this powerful and entertaining world that is Sam’s Place.
Published by AM Ink Publishing.
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 NEWS!! Sam’s Place has taken the Silver Award in the eLit Awards, Short Story Category, for 2015. See Badge below!

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“A Long Run of Luck” Reading by Bob Mustin from SAM’S PLACE:

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THE BLUE BICYCLE has been republished by Gridley Fires Books, with a new front and back cover. We know you’ll want to have a copy for your library. Look for the link to buy on the STORE page! 


TBB_Full copy                                                                                                                          


Artie Royal has had a rough life and he has suffered more loss and rejection than anyone should have to bear. Still, he rises above the problems confronting him, and he does it with charity and grace and understanding. In fact, it eventually becomes as easy for him to push his concerns aside as it was at age eight to soar down Main Street on that blue bike, wind whistling in his ears.

By age eight, Artie knows that for a few minutes he can escape his parents’ conflicts through exhilarating rides on his hand-me-down bike.

At age seventeen, the bike now an outgrown shambles, he takes comfort in girlfriend Sandy. With the loss of great-grandfather, Merle Jongleur, Artie’s ties to his family and the blue bike seem to be severed, and he seeks refuge in a naval career. But this choice proves problematic.

Back home in North Carolina, he finally seems settled in a mundane career and a comfortable life with wife Katie – until Sandy calls. Once again seeking emotional relief, he jumps at an offer of a trip to Nova Scotia to meet Merle’s Acadian relatives and settle a family estate. There, events bring unexpected results and new family ties.

The old bike traces a continuous thread though Artie’s life as it passes to him, then to others, but in the end this is a tale of the individual spirit’s ability to renew itself through solitary hope and ever-changing human relationships.
Praise from the (2011) Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:

“EMOTIONALLY RIVETING STORY. THE BLUE BICYCLE is extremely well-written, with nearly flawless prose and a well-executed plot. Author Bob Mustin has a true talent for creating characters that are both genuine and distinctive. This nicely executed story provides a glimpse into the lives of appealing characters that hold the reader’s interest. The conversations between characters are quick-paced and important, with no unnecessary banter or backstory. The back cover does a very good job of indicating to the reader what the story is about. Mustin’s voice rings through without being intrusive, pulling readers on an emotional journey that will touch them.

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A Reason To Tremble

Released March 20th, 2012!
Ten year-old Emily Shane is struck by a hit and run driver on a darkened street in the Georgia town of Hope. There are witnesses, but the reports are conflicting.
Pat Shane, Emily’s father, deepens the town’s shock by accusing local businessman Phil Agee of the crime. Police Chief Davis Anderson investigates, but not with the zeal the Shane family expects. Pat challenges the investigation. He’s jailed and brother Jason reluctantly takes over the family’s separate investigation. As he gropes toward a resolution, Hope is upended by more deaths, leaving loose ends to be tied up within both the Shane family and the town of Hope.
Read The Kirkus Review of A Reason To Tremble here!
Another great review for A Reason To Tremble at MomCentral!

See Press Release here.
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The Writers Showcase Podcast E03: Author Bob Mustin by Phil Naessens on

3172779A Reason Tremble
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A Place of Belonging












Stephen Banks looks up from breakfast at a Clarkesville, Georgia, diner to see a frightened and unkempt young woman climb from a truck. Who is she? Banks must find out.

The task is a daunting one – her name is Ginger, and she has amnesia. As Banks and Ginger leave Clarkesville in search of her past, they must also solve a murder – a murder of which Ginger stands accused. Their journey becomes one of loss, hope, and self-discovery as they travel the American South and Southwest.

Bob Mustin takes us on another grand adventure of a read in this, his second novel. As always, he makes me want to read on.
-Linda Bulloch, founder, RS Press

This comment from the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:

“This novel creates a compelling world for the reader from the beginning. Rich description is smoothly incorporated into the well-paced plot. The characters here are memorable, and the writer does a great job bringing them to life through both dialogue and action. In fact, the realistic and idiosyncratic dialogue is one of the greatest strengths of the novel. Banks’s exchanges with Ginger Begay, and their road trip together, show the extent of Banks’s depression. By the end of the novel, we can see how he has changed because of their relationship, and this change gives the novel its hopeful tone.”
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3049444A Place of Belonging
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