Gridley Fires Books will likely be undergoing significant changes soon, and so we’ll start with this:

Last month we began offering our first poetry publication and now we offer a whimsical chapbook of poetry by a then-youthful poet, Erika Roth, eponymously titled “Erika Roth’s Unbelievable Book of Poetry.”

     A fourth grade work pulled from her family archives, edited and published In February of 2018 by GFB, these poems seem insightful far beyond someone of her then age, yet they’re accessible to children of all early grades.

Erika, now in her twenties, has agreed to offer this early work on our website. Hopefully, she will be the first of several affiliate authors to be supported by GFB in the future. The book is now available on  Amazon, and we hope to offer it soon through our website as well.


Also, look for more children’s books by affiliate authors on our website in the near future.