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Bob Mustin and Gridley Fires Books have stories to tell you that are set in thee Blue Ridge Mountains of  North Carolina, and the Southeast U.S., and some that might reach across the world.




Gridley Fires Books is proud to announce that our first poetry book, THE ONE, will be published in mid-February, 2018. An epic poem blending romantic LOVE and the LOVE that comes with the fruition of the spiritual journey. One reviewer’s comment:

The One is hauntingly, tantalizingly familiar; at once ancient and newly born. A voice moves through the written words whispering “remember….”, and I do.”

Meanwhile, check out our publications of 2017, below:

OUR FIRST BIO-FICTION TITLE, entitled THE THIRD REICH’S LAST EAGLE, is a biographical novel about Hans-Ulrich Rudel, leader of Germany’s famed Immelmann Squadron and the most highly decorated combatant of World War II. This book is perhaps only the second book of fiction published in English about the war on the Eastern Front. The cover photo below represents the review version. The hardback will be out soon.

Also launched in 2017 Is our first non-fiction book, In This Love Together – Love, Failing Limbs and Cancer.

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Rudel                                                                                                                     In This Love Together_ebook (1)







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